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 A simple act of kindness can change generations - and it starts with YOU.

The more caps and gowns project is about our community embracing i
ts youth to imporove graduation rates across Erie County to give children the best chance at a bright future. "Young people with formal and informal mentors in their lives were far more likely to stay in school, enroll in college, become active in sports, become leaders and generally pursue higher education goals" than those who do not have quality relationships with adults (The Mentoring Effect, The National Mentoring Partnership, 2014). The sad fact is, nationally, 40% of young children and 55% of teens do not have caring adults in their homes, schools, and communities.  Research shows that even one caring adult can make a major difference in the life of a child. Caring adults can provide encouragement, support, and teach valuable lessons, but most importantly, they can be role models.

Here's your chance to make a difference for the future of our community. We encourage you to make an extra effort in your personal life to reach out to the youth around you as a neighbor, friend, mentor, supporter, and inpirerer of hope. You can also spread the word through your inolvement in groups, organizations, and at work and encourage others to get involved. 


Visit the "More Caps and Gowns" page for more ideas and don't forget to "Share Your Story". 


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