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McDowell Exposure Club Annual Concert to Support Erie Together
Posted on Monday, April 22, 2013 at 8:54 AM

Erie Together has been working with students at McDowell High School to help them get engaged in the local fight against poverty.

Here is a look at what they have been doing:

  •     One of McDowell High School’s teachers, David Hoderny, approached Erie Together about getting McDowell students engaged in the Erie Together movement. Mr. Hoderny teaches McDowell’s Tolerance classes also advises the McDowell Exposure Club.
  •     The Exposure Club is a group of self-selected McDowell students who work to promote tolerance, to spread awareness of global issues that affect their generation, and to encourage the acceptance of diversity. Poverty is one of those issues.
  •     In January, Mary Bula presented Erie Together to one of Mr. Hoderny’s Tolerance classes and the Exposure Club. Mary returned a few days later and facilitated a discussion with Exposure about how they could get engaged in the Erie Together movement.
  •     This dynamic group of kids created a whole slate of really wonderful ideas. First, they decided to move forward by hosting a benefit concert on May 23 at 7:00 p.m. at McDowell Intermediate Little Theater. They will take donations for the concert and give the proceeds to an Erie Together-related cause to impact local lives.

These students’ excitement, their leadership, commitment and progress in pulling all of this together has been nothing short of impressive. Erie Together would love to pack the house, so please assist us in promoting May 23 concert. The concert will be entirely student produced, directed and performed (with some small exceptions of a teacher act or two, and an alumni band, Romantic Era, making an appearance).

What is key is that Exposure Club has begun, and will continue, to work very  hard at raising awareness about poverty in Erie County within the larger student body and their community.


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