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Little Italy Jobs Team Moves Forward to Assist Neighborhood
Posted on Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 6:11 AM

Local organizations based in Little Italy continue to meet and focus on the sharing of information among the resources in the immediate area that serve the community. Organizations include the Sisters of Saint Joseph Neighborhood Network, the Bethesda-Trinity Center, Community Shelter Services and GECAC Adult Learning Center and CareerLink. The goal of the Jobs Team is to offer better coordination of services for persons in the neighborhood.

The Team is giving close attention to how self sufficiency is assessed within the different programs and looking for a common definition for working with individuals or families. The Team is also working on create a matrix of services that is readily accessible for all agencies working with individuals and families in the Little Italy neighborhood.

The Team continues to meet monthly to update the service matrix and develop plans to include other key stakeholders in the neighborhood so that all persons within Little Italy have the opportunity to learn, work and thrive.


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