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July 2018 News
Posted on Friday, July 27, 2018 at 9:23 AM

July 2018: A Time for Excitement and Gratitude! 

Today we are sharing some exciting Erie Together news, and would like to thank all of the participants and funders who have advanced our countywide collective impact movement's work over the last several years! Your efforts and financial support have made a palpable difference in our community. We hope you are as proud of Erie Together's accomplishments as we are, because it is your commitment to the mission and dedication to the work that can be credited for everything Erie Together's done. (For a reminder of some of our accomplishments, please click here.)

Over the last few months, we've been a little quiet on the public front, but our work hasn't stopped. Late last year we had some staff changes and we lost a major funder, neither of which was a reflection on Erie Together or our efforts. We used this time to regroup. We carried on significant projects that needed continuity. And we gathered input on Erie Together's future from our partners, participants, and other local stakeholders, whose message to us was loud and clear: Erie Together is unique and invaluable in this community, and we need to forge a path forward.

We took what we heard to heart, put some important things in place, and now we are ready to move ahead. We've brought our former facilitator, Mary Bula, back to serve as Erie Together's director. She is passionate about the movement, is intimately engaged in the projects, and with her longstanding history can help us ramp up and advance our collective impact efforts. Our immediate priorities include convening and facilitating the Erie County Career Pathways Alliance, preparing for the September 14 Youth Civic Engagement Symposium, and carrying on our More Caps and Gowns Middle School Mentoring Project. Other community priorities will emerge over time as we reengage our participants.

Soon we will reconvene our Steward Team and Action Teams, and we hope that you make it a priority to attend and jump back in to Erie Together's work. We know from our history that your efforts make a difference in this community and the lives of our residents. We are excited to get these teams going again.

Finally, with the help of an ad hoc "Messaging Committee" of Erie Together members providing us with important guidance, we are getting ready to embark on a robust communications and fundraising effort as community investment will be key to Erie Together's future. We are, again, participating in Erie Gives on August 14, and we will be pursuing other local, state and national opportunities moving forward. Please consider your support.

Thank you again for your commitment to Erie Together to make the Erie region a community where everyone can learn, work and thrive! We look
forward to seeing and working with you soon!


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