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Grapevine timeXchange Grows out of Erie Together Collaborations
Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 6:15 AM

The North East Action Team has become the Grapevine timeXchange, which is based on the time bank model, which is a modern system of exchange where members share their skills, talents and passions for Time Credits instead of money. It’s not barter and it’s not volunteering. When you do something for someone in the time bank for one hour, you earn a Time Credit; you may then spend that Time Credit on any of the hundreds of offers in the time bank.

There are Five Core Values in time banking:

  • Assets: Every human being has something to contribute.
  • Redefining Work: Some work is beyond a price (especially work in the home).
  • Reciprocity: Helping is a two-way street.
  • Social Networks: We are rediscovering or remembering what communities used to be like.
  • Respect: Every human being matters, has a voice, and is accountable.

The mission of the Grapevine timeXchange is to strengthen the fabric of our community. Establishing trusting relationships and bringing the community together will help meet the needs of all its citizens. Each person has talents to share; and our community is strengthened when neighbors help one another.  We want to empower our neighbors to re-evaluate their notions of “worth” and to inspire reciprocity, community and respect through the sharing of our greatest natural resources, our time and spirit.

For every hour that you help meet the needs of another member, you earn a time credit for the exchange.This time credit can then be redeemed for services from others, and the cycle of giving continues.

Hour by hour, day by day

Building a better way to pay

Equal hours, yours and mine

Exchanging through the grapevine

The timeXchange is modeled after a type of “pay-it-forward” service created by Edgar Cahn who organized TimeBanks U.S.A.  There are over 250 time banks across the US and abroad.  The Grapevine timeXchange was able to acquire software and a logo using a minigrant from Erie Together and an additional grant from the North East Community Foundation for training.  They are sponsored by the 4 N.I.N.E Thrift Store in North East. The timeXchange is currently made up of five board members focused on the philosophy of time banking, how to organize their time bank, and how to increase membership. Click here for more information about the Grapevine timeXchange.


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