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Erie Together Highlights for June 2012
Posted on Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 6:02 AM

Erie Together Community Action Teams have been busy revising and working on goals during the 2012 year. Countywide Action Team 1, Early Childhood Education, has revised a short term goal to provide quality early childhood education opportunities for 300 more children by November 2012, as well as continuing to utilize the Kindergarten Readiness Checklist. Countywide Action Team 2, Aligning Edcation to Careers, is working to have all 8th graders exposed to a variety of careers. Action Team 3, Individual and Family Stability, is focusing on how best to move the Family Action Team process forward to the Erie community. And, Action Team 4, Aligning Economic and Workforce Development, is continuing to develop a work readiness checklist. Click here to learn more of the Action Team activities, as well as other Erie Together activities.


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