Action Team 3: Individual and Family Stability


All families can meet their basic needs.


Increase the number of families who achieve self-sufficiency.


  • Developed "Self-Sufficiency Matrix" to help local agencies measure client progress in seven key areas
  • Created "toolbox" to expand Erie Together's "Getting Ahead" program (formally known as FACTs) to help more families help themselves
  • Helped facilitate partnerships with local churches, social service organizations and other entities to deploy the Getting Ahead program on a larger scale
  • Surfaced the need for a "Human Services Resource Guide" to help connect families to the help they need
  • Agreed to support implementation of 2-1-1 in Erie County

Current Task (project) Teams:

  • Getting Ahead Program Expansion
  • Getting Ahead Mentor Recuitment
  • Healthy Life Self-Assessment
  • Human Service Director Promotion
  • Reducing the Stigma 


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