Action Team 2: Aligning Education to Careers

4th Grade to Post-Secondary Education/Training


All children successful as adults.


Increase the number of students graduating high school prepared for what's next, whether that means successful completion of post-secondary education or training, or entry into the job market.


  • Developed a common definition of a "career plan" based on PA state standards, endorsed by countywide school superintendents
  • Envisioned and helped create "Career Street," the countywide career exploration initiative for local youth in grades K-12
  • Helped educate the community about College and Career Ready: Common Core educational standards, to prepare youth for their future

Current Task (project) Teams: 

  • Life After High School Checklist  Distribution
  • Secondary Transition Supports
  • Extended Time Programs
  • Career Street Outreach
  • NIE Debate Planning Group
  • More Caps and Gowns (in progress)
  • Education & Training Consortium (click here for more information)


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