Kindergarten Readiness
Parent Tool Kit

The Kindergarten Readiness Tool Kit aligns with the Kindergarten Readiness Checklist and Progress Chart that are currently available on our website and in print. The tool kit provides at-home activities that parents can do with their children to help ensure that they are getting the skills necessary for kindergarten. We know that children develop at different rates, but the kit is one way to get parents the tools they need to help their children succeed. Remember...

A parent is a child's first and most important teacher!



Upcoming Events (check back for updates):


Organizational Resources (contact for more information):

  1. Kindergarten Readiness Training Booklet
  2. Event Poster
  3. Contact Information, Pre & Post Survey documents (*Note: each must be marked with a corresponding number for data tracking)
  4. Standards Posters for Activity Station 
  5. Standard Posters


To find out how to get your *FREE* tool kit or to schedule a group training,
contact Erie Together at (814) 824-3357 or

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