Erie County Reentry Services and Support Alliance (ECRSSA) 

As part of the Unified Erie approach to violence reduction in Erie County, in July 2013, Erie Together convened a group of stakeholders including law enforcement, social service, religious, government and educational professionals and ex-offenders to explore the creation of a countywide “transitioning client” reentry strategy. 

In early 2016, the planning group completed a strategy document which includes the following items and can be found here. 


The mission of the ECRSSA is to provide support and services to transitioning clients through an intentional network of community- and faith-based organizations in partnership with the criminal justice system.

“Transitioning clients” are (1) individuals released from federal, state or county prison reentering Erie County after serving a sentence for a criminal conviction; and/or (2) people reentering a law-abiding life from criminal network involvement.


A county where transitioning clients are supported, empowered, and fully integrated into the community.


The primary goals of the ECRSSA are:

(1) Increase access and connections to support services and assistance for transitioning clients.
(2) Promote a responsible quality of life through positive family, spiritual and informal support connections.
(3) Achieve safer communities through reduced recidivism.

“Recidivism” is defined as when an offender on probation or parole is returned to custody for new charges, technical parole violation(s) or both.




Please visit the Unified Erie website for additional information. 

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